Before binding
(1)make sure you have connected the power and antenna well.(outdoor camera)
(2)Wifi cannot be hidden.
(3)WEP is not supported.
(4)Special characters, such as $,are not supported in wifi name and password.
(5)Wifi cannot be 5G,it only supports 2.4G.
(6)The camera requires a minimum Android version above 8.0 and a minimum IOS version above 8.0.
(7)Please complete the pairing first, then put the sd card into the camera.
(8)Check the camera is in pairing model:The LED indicator should be flashing .Then send sound wave.

In the location where the camera is installed, there must be a full WiFi signal.You can put your mobile phone in the location of the camera to test whether there is a full WiFi signal

There are three potential indicators that the camera has not been successfully bound:

(1) The camera remains silent and does not display flashing LED lights after sound wave is sent via cellphone.

(2) The camera beeps when the sound wave is sent, but the JAWA app presents no notification that a successful network connection has been established.

(3) The camera beeps when the sound waves are sent but the JAWA app doesn’t present a notification indicating that the camera has been successfully bound. The following solutions explain specifically how to resolve to each of the three problems.

2. Solutions

2.1 (The camera remains silent and does not display flashing LED lights the after sound wave is sent via cellphone.) In this instance, the camera is unaffected when the sound waves are sent, indicating that the camera didn’t receive the binding signal. The reason for this is likely because the camera is not in binding mode or the volume of the phone which is used to send the sound wave is too low to be detected by the camera. This may also occur if binding is attempted in an environment with excessive ambient noise. The solution to this problem follows as such:

(1) Reset the camera (keep pressing the Reset button for three seconds);

(2) Turn up the volume onyour phone (turn up the volume while the sound waves are being sent) ;

(3) Adjust the position of the phone and the camera (put the speaker of the phone closer to the microphone of the camerawhile the sound waves are being sent);

(4) Repeat the operationsabove in a quiet environment.

2.2 After sending the sound wave, there are beeps from the device, but no notification indicating that a successful network connection has been established. The presence of the beeps indicates that the camera has received the sound wave signal from the app, however the camera has failed to connect to the WIFI. You can try to solve this problem by following the tips below:

(1) Check that the WIFI username and password have been correctly inputted into the app (ensure that you haven’t misspelled it and/or forgotten to incorporate capital letters).

(2) Check to see if your WIFI network is on a 5 GHz frequency band (the camera does not support the 5 GHz frequency band, please use the 2.4 GHz frequency band instead.)

(3) Check to see if the WIFI is hidden. (the cameras do not support hidden WIFI networks.)

(4) Check if DHCP functioning is on in your router. (User must enable DHCP.)

(5) Check to see if the selected WIFI security protocol is WEP. (cameras do not support the WEP security protocol, please change to WPA or WPA2.)

(6) Check to see if the router is connected to too many devices. (commonly, one router can be connected to up to 10 WIFI devices at one time. If there are more than 10, the camera might not be able to successfully connect to WIFI. In this case, users are suggested to restart the router or disconnect some of the WIFI devices.)

(7) Check to see if there are multiple special characters in the WIFI username and password. For example, devices don’t support the character “$”. (Users are suggested to generally avoid special characters and to generally just use letters and numbers in their WIFI username and password.)

2.3 The camera beeps when the sound waves are sent, but JAWA doesn’t present a notification that successful binding has occurred. In this instance, the camera has successfully connected to WIFI, however, the network is not working. Therefore, the camera doesn’t the successful binding notification. The following tips may be used to solve this problem:

(1) Ensurethat your router has access to the network

(2) Checkto see if your router has any limitations restricting it from accepting network requests

(3) Ask the Network operator if they have imposed anylimitations restricting it from accepting network requests