Ⅰ. Tools needed

1. NVR(with hard disk) + power cable  

2. Router + wire cable 

3. Display screen + VGA cable 

4. Mouse 

Ⅱ. Preparation

1. Powering on NVR

2.Connecting NVR with Router by wire cable

3. Connecting NVR with display screen by VGA cable

4. Connecting mouse with NVR

Ⅲ. Steps to connect wifi camera with NVR

1.Set NVR initial password and security questions for a branded new NVR first.

2.Click “NEXT”-”NEXT”, complete boot wizard settings.

3.Right click–Main menu–Camera.

4.Click add manully.

5.“Manufacturer” click “Onvif”, input the IP add and Onvif password of the camera (show on the Setting of camera on App), click “Connecting”–Click “OK”.

The username is admin.

In general,you can choose the default port.If default information is in trouble,you can set 80 as ONVIF port and 2600 as RTSP port.

6.When the status turns the below green round icon, added successfully. Right-click on a blank spot to watch live video.

7.Right-click Main menu-Video query, to watch video playback.

Ⅳ. Notes

1. The wifi network that camera connected should be under the same Router as the network that NVR connected.

2. Everytime the camera reconnect wifi network, its IP address will change, need to reclick add manually((reback to above step 4) ), input the new IP add and Onvif password to reconnect the NVR.