Please note: jawa’s computer side cannot register an account and bind a camera. Please register and binding on the mobile phone,then use it on the PC side.

Here have a link you can download jawa app.
Click “download now” under PC Client to download JAWA_PC

When the download is complete, double-click the “setup3.6” to install; click “next” to continue;choose install location,then click install.
If you fail to install,you can download a patch package,install it, and then install the JAWA APP.Patch download link:

After the installation is complete, open the “IP Camera” on the computer to enter the login interface. Enter the registered jawa account number and password.

Select the devices in the camera list, click the right mouse button, and select“Play video” to see the video of the camera bound by the account. .

System setting
The inverted triangle button in the upper right corner is the system settings button.
Users can set the save path of video and video screenshot.
Click the Browse button, select the storage path, and click the confirm button.

Split canvas:Click on the “split canvas” icon in the operation area to select the video window shape you want to slice

Close device:Select the video window you want to close, and click ”close device” in the operation area to close the live video

Video definition mode:You can adjust the video definition by the video definition mode of the operation area.
Definition is divided into smooth,SD and HD.

Alarm setting:You can set the alarm and open/close the alarm under the alarm setting.

Screen rotate:You can click the screen rotate to change the the Angle of video.

Video snapshot:Click on the camera icon in the operation area to get a video snapshot.

Audio:Click on the horn icon to listen to the sound from the camera.
Click on the microphone icon to talk to someone from the camera.

Record:Click the video setting icon to record video.
A video recorder icon appears in the upper right-hand corner of the video window.

Video playback:Select the device to be played back, right-click, select the video playback and select the playback time.

Change camera’s name:Select the device you want to change its name, right-click, select the modify device name option, enter the new name, and click “ok”.

Administrate the binding user:Select the device you want to manage, right-click, select the “Administrate the binding user” , enter the login password for the account, enter the user name, and click the “Add User” button. Note: The sub-account number can only be the user who has registered the Jawa account . Select the sub-account to be deleted, click the “Delete User” button,and click the “OK”.

Delete camera:Select the device on the right to delete, right-click, select the “delete device” option, enter the login password of the account, click the “OK” button to complete the delete operation.